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Winnipeg Kids Dental Home


In order to accomplish our mission of happy, healthy, cavity free children we have created a “dental home” for you and your child. In a warm and welcoming setting, reminiscent of a home than a dental clinic, we are striving to break down the barriers sometimes associated with the traditional dental visit.

Children who have a dental home are more likely to receive appropriate preventive and routine care. The concept of the “dental home” is derived from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ concept of the “medical home.” This concept states that the care of infants and children ideally should be accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective.

The child’s first visit establishes the dental home. This provides the opportunity to implement preventive health practices and reduces the child’s risk for preventable oral disease.

A Kids Dental Home provides the following:

  • An accurate risk assessment for oral diseases and conditions
  • The utilization of Previstat - the most advanced individualized preventive dental health program in accordance with accepted guidelines and periodicity schedules for pediatric dental health
  • Anticipatory guidance about growth and development issues (e.g., tooth eruption; thumb, finger, or pacifier habits; feeding practices)
  • A plan and resources for emergency dental trauma
  • Information about proper care of the infant’s or child’s teeth and soft tissues
  • Collaboration with other dental specialists, such as oral pathologists, orthodontists, pediatric dental specialists and periodontists, within our dental home when required.

Grinich Village

We want to engage your youngster in a wondrous and magical journey of discovery. Children retain information best when they are able to apply the concepts they are taught through play. Through Grinich Village, a unique health discovery center, we plan on engaging your child’s imagination and have him/her experience first hand the values of wellness. From creating unique masterpieces on the art table to discovering the nutritional value of foods at the market, Grinich Village is an exciting and whole new way of experiencing health education.
Together we are as Strong as our Strongest Link

Our goal is to be a trusted parenting resource – that is why we offer a comprehensive guide as well as supportive material for your use. We also want to be the place you come back to when you have questions and concerns. For example whether on the website at, or in a Kids Dental Home Center we're committed to helping parents find the information, support and encouragement they need.

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