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At Kids Dental we are devoted to your children's dental health and well being.

We strongly believe that children are extraordinary. Our dedicated team of Dentists, Orthodontists and Hygienists chose to make a career in pediatric dentistry out of a love for children and a desire to make tooth decay history.

You may think, what's the big deal about tooth decay? Beyond the obvious fact that the best dentistry is no dentistry, recent research has shown that cavity free children are more likely to grow to their ideal weight and height. Emerging research is also linking good dental health with a decrease risk of stroke and heart disease later in life.

Kids Dental, we are taking advantage of groundbreaking research that identifies the tooth decay process (caries) as a chronic, contagious, transmissible disease. When we tell most parents this, they raise their eyebrows, as this is a departure from the common belief that tooth decay is all about sugar and poor dental hygiene. That’s part of it for sure, but there’s more. Evidence-based research shows that of the 500 different species of bacteria that naturally reside in the mouth, only S. mutans secretes acids in large enough quantities to form cavities. These specific bacteria are usually passed from the primary caregiver to babies in the first three years of life, through kissing, cuddling and sharing of eating utensils.  

What does this mean to our approach to dental care? In the past, dentists have managed tooth decay with a surgical, invasive approach, primarily filling cavities. Little attention has been paid to the germ that caused the cavity in the first place.  Our approach is different. We emphasize a medical approach that focuses on early intervention and prevention of this infectious disease through bacterial testing and innovative preventive treatments.  

The care we give to our young patients is guided by our concern for their total well being and is delivered in a gentle, compassionate and fun home-like environment.

Read more about the PREVISTAT™ early intervention model we use to identify a child’s susceptibility to tooth decay.

Help your kids register in the Tooth Patrol Club and win exciting monthly prizes.

See the prizes and past dental health winners. Have fun and good luck!

We've developed a child-centered website that playfully engages children with useful information about dental and nutritional health. By encouraging their participation with prizes, children learn to adopt a more proactive approach to their well being. There by increasing their chances to a longer and healthier life.

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