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Making Children's Dental Visits Magical and Fun


Kids Dental - We would be happy to be your child's dentist in Winnipeg. Our dentists and specialists offer dental care in a story book setting. At Kids Dental our Winnipeg dentists and specialists care for your children's dental health. "We are Winnipeg's first cavity free centre", says founder Dr. Ernest Cholakis. While we offer comprehensive dental care we remain steadfast in our commitment to help parents raise happy, healthy cavity free children. We accomplish this goal in three very important ways:

First, by making the dental experience fun and magical, children play to learn about their health. This philosophical distinction is very important because you and your child will be exposed to a very creative and imaginative educational process that believes that we can do much to enrich your child’s development with regard to preventive health. Providing age appropriate activities, books, crafts and toys can help create a sense of learning and accomplishment that reinforces a wellness lifestyle.

Second, our clinical model emphasizes caring and collaboration. We are an interdisciplinary clinic of general dentists, dentists with a specific area of interest in Pediatric Dentistry, orthodontists, periodontists, hygienists, registered dietitian, dental assistants and administrators all working together with you and your child in a single facility. The health care advantages of networking together in a single facility are enormous because of the immediate access to expertise, improved lines of communication, superior efficiency, and the enhanced opportunity for learning, research and innovation.

Third,by implementing best practices from ground breaking research, that has identified the tooth decay process (caries) as a chronic, contagious, transmissible disease. Of the possible 1000 different species of bacteria that naturally reside in our mouth, only S. mutans and a few others secrete acids in sufficient quantities to dissolve tooth structure to form cavities. These specific bacteria are usually passed from the primary caregiver (usually mothers) to babies in the first three years of life. Hence tooth decay patterns are consistent from generation to generation as infected mothers contaminate their babies with S. mutans by kissing, cuddling and sharing of eating utensils. In one study, researchers observed that 89 percent of children infected with S. mutans by age two had developed tooth decay by age four. Early screening for S. mutans can flag those children and mothers who are at heightened risk of developing caries so that antibacterial and preventive medications can be prescribed to diminish the risk. This revolutionary approach represents a tremendous advancement in preventive dentistry.

Traditionally dentists have managed tooth decay with a surgical approach of filling cavities with little regard to the specific germs that caused them. The Kids Dental approach is different. It emphasizes a “medical” strategy that focuses on prevention. It addresses for the first time that tooth decay is an infectious disease.

Advanced Prevention

The Kids Dental way of treating dental disease represents the inclusion of new strategies for more individualized care. It is based upon a more contemporary understanding that tooth decay is a chronic transmissible disease. Tooth decay is a disease of imbalance between de-mineralization and remineralization driven by acid producing bacteria in plaque. We know that the main offender in the bacterial world is a specific bacterium called streptococcus mutans and that it’s spread from one generation to the next through parent- child interactions. We have observed that many children present with no cavities while others show extensive decay (the sad end point of the unchecked cavity forming process). The center of our clinical philosophy is focusing on the full spectrum of the dental disease process, not the end product of treating holes in teeth.

To facilitate this goal we have developed Previstat® -a risk assessment model that identifies a child’s susceptibility to tooth decay and customizes a tailored preventive program.

If your child is within one of the high risk groups listed below it is imperative that Previstat (an aggressive anticipatory guidance and intervention program) be implemented as soon as possible. High risks groups include:

  • Infants with special care needs
  • Infants with mothers with high tooth decay rates
  • Infants with identifiable tooth decay, plaque, demineralization and or staining
  • Infants who sleep with a bottle
  • Late order offspring
  • Infants with poor dietary habits
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