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Infant And Toddler Feeding

Infant Feeding

In terms of preventing dental decay here are some tips concerning infant feeding:
  • Breast feeding is recommended until age one
  • Otherwise always hold the infant when bottle feeding
  • No propping of bottle
  • Only formula or breast milk in bottle
  • From breast to cup
Bed time alternatives to bottles:
  • Stuffed toy
  • Blanket
  • Clean pacifier
  • Rocking
  • Back rub
  • Read or sing
  • Remember crying is normal, after a few nights your baby will sleep peacefully
If your child is having a lot of difficulty giving up the bottle filled with juice or milk at bedtime try to:
  • Slowly replace the juice or milk with water adding more water to the juice or milk each time. Eventually, this way, your child will becomes used to a bottle with only water.
Toddler Feeding Liquids
  • Ideally sugar free drinks
  • No “liquid grazing” - sippy cups can contribute to “liquid grazing”. If a child is thirsty dispense water. Try to keep juice and milk to a normal cup so that your children are not walking around with it all afternoon.
  • Milk or water between meals
  • Sugars in fruit juice cause cavities
  • Limit fruit juice to meal times Solid foods
  • Limit number of times eating and snacking
  • Regular meals, no “grazing”. Be careful of sippy cups which can contribute to “liquid grazing” Avoid juice or milk in these cups, it promotes periodic drinking all day long.
  • Sugar free snacks like cheddar cheese  
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