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Ask the Dietitian

Listed below is our full collection of nutrition questions people have sent in. If you have a question about nutrition that is not in our list, why not use the 'Ask the Dietitian a Question' form to let us know?

What is a healthy diet for my child?
How does diet affect my child’s teeth and dental health?
What can I do to make my child’s diet safe for his teeth?
Encourage your child to eat and follow a healthy balanced diet. Monitor how frequently he/she eats foods with sugar or starch in them. Foods with starch include pastas, breads, crackers, pretzels and potato chips. Many foods consist of a variety of different types of sugars and can be found in fruits, some vegetables and most milk products.
Should my child give up all foods with sugar or starch?
Does a balanced diet assure that my child is getting enough fluoride?
Do you have final advice?
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