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Listed below is our full collection of nutrition questions people have sent in. If you have a question about nutrition that is not in our list, why not use the 'Ask the Dietitian a Question' form to let us know?

What is a healthy diet for my child?
A healthy diet consists of a balanced diet that supplies all the necessary nutrients for your child to grow. Be sure to include the following major food groups every day: Fruits and Vegetables, Breads and Cereals, Milk and Dairy Products, Meat and Fish and Eggs. Limit sugary and sticky foods as they may adhere to your child’s teeth and cause caries.
How does diet affect my child’s teeth and dental health?
What can I do to make my child’s diet safe for his teeth?
Should my child give up all foods with sugar or starch?
Does a balanced diet assure that my child is getting enough fluoride?
Do you have final advice?
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