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Start Your School Year With Dental Health Resources

It's a new year and time to collect your dental health resources. helping you're class and supporting your health curriculum.

Our educational and advocacy programs provide a fun and engaging way to help students learn about  healthy eating habits and proper dental care. Kids Dental offers both in-class and field trip experiences for school age groups. Grinich Village, our health discovery centre, is an excellent extension to any healthy living program.

Our Education Program includes:
  • In-class presentations and educational materials
  • Class field trips to Grinich Village
  • Interactive learning games and tools
  • Videos geared towards helping children understand what to expect when going to the dentist as well as proper oral hygiene techniques
  • A Dental Health Educational Co-ordinator with grade specific programs and presentations
  • An activity package for each student, full of educational material supporting good dental health and eating habits.
Teachers will receive:
  • Educational material and follow up resources for their classroom.
  • Information to give parents regarding the presentation and future trips to the dentist.
The Grinich Village health discovery center is a very special place where children are invited to go wild and explore a world of health, science, nutrition, fun and discovery. Educational presentations, exhibits, and activities immerse children in various aspects of dental and nutritional wellness.

Along with a stage and sitting area for presentations and workshops there are interactive learning stations and a market where children can learn about the nutritional facts of foods. Every feature of Grinich Village has been designed with health, nutrition and fun in mind!  

Kids Dental looks forward to helping you develop an education program that is tailored to your classroom needs. Contact Kids Dental today.

It is our mission to instill a sense of excitement within children about their dental health and overall well-being.

The teacher support materials page is always updating so check back often.

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