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Calming the Anxious Child

How does a dentist help with dental anxiety?

Dentists have special training in helping anxious children feel secure during dental treatment. And, Kids Dental clinic is designed for children. Staff members choose to work in a children's dental practice because they like kids.

How will Kids Dental help my child feel comfortable?

At Kids Dental we use different methods to help your child feel comfortable during dental treatment. They may utilize a “Tell-Show-Do” method in which the pediatric dentists names the dental instrument, shows how the instrument is used and then applies the instrument in treatment.

For a shy child, we use a modeling technique that pairs them with a cooperative child of the same age. Praise is the most preferred technique; as your child does something right during a dental visit, the dentist lets them know that.

For older children, doctor-child communication is often enhanced if parents remain in the reception room. However, infants and younger children may feel more confident when parents are in the treatment room.

What if a child misbehaves during treatment?

If your child misbehaves during treatment they may require assertive management to protect him or her from possible injury. Speaking calmly but firmly usually resolves the behavior. At times, gentle restraint of the arms or legs suffices.
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