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Early Orthodontic Care

Monitoring your child’s oral development is important in spotting possible crowded, crooked teeth or bite problems as they begin to develop with age. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent more extensive treatments later for you child.

What causes crowded teeth and other orthodontic problems?

Malocclusion, crowded or crooked teeth or bite problems, is often inherited. Other problems may arise from the early loss of primary teeth, thumb sucking, fingernail biting or lip biting. Your dentist can help you identify oral habits that should be avoided as these may create orthodontic problems.

Why is early orthodontic care important?

Straight teeth are generally easier to keep clean and are less susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. Thus early orthodontics not only help enhance your child’s smile, but can straighten crooked teeth, guide erupting teeth into place, correct bite problems and even prevent the need to extract your child’s teeth.

What is early orthodontic treatment like?

There are a variety of orthodontic appliances are used to correct different problems. Your dentist will recommend a treatment that will best suit and benefit your child’s dental health and suggest how long it will take before results can be seen. Some appliances used are fixed while others are removable.

What care is recommended during orthodontic treatment?

Better results are seen when a child is more willing to cooperate. Careful brushing and flowing maintain the appliance and your child’s health. Remember to clean and brush removable appliances and keep in mind regular dental check ups to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Keep your orthodontic treatments schedule as they monitor the changes in your child’s mouth

Can my child speak, eat, and play normally?

Most children adapt to their appliances and can speak clearly within a day or two. It is important for them to eat a normal balanced diet and try to avoid sticky foods such as gum and toffee and hard foods such as peanuts and ice chips. It is important to check with your dentist for other specific recommendations.
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