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Preventive Dentistry

What is preventive dentistry?

Kids Dental practices preventive dentistry for children. This includes an emphasis on: brushing, flossing, oral habits, orthodontics, parent involvement, proper diet, sealants, dental development, fluorides, sports safety and other related topics.

Why is preventive dentistry important?

Not only does preventive dentistry encourage a healthy smile for your child, it promotes proper chewing, speaking clearly and a better chance for good general health. Following good oral habits at an early age prevents less extensive treatments later.

When should preventive dentistry start?

Beginning with your child’s first tooth, you should visit your pediatric dentist. Learning how to protect and care for you infant’s dental health will help them develop a healthy cavity-free smile.

What role do parents play in prevention?

Your dentist will evaluate your child’s dental health and design a program of care. This program includes proper brushing, flossing, healthy diet and if necessary, fluoride recommendations. Practicing early dental hygiene encourages a lifetime of good oral habits for your child.

How does Kids Dental help prevent dental problems?

The Previstat prevention program implemented by Kids Dental includes bacterial testing regular teeth cleanings, polishing and fluoride treatments. We also identify diet-dependent strategies that may help prevent early childhood caries. Other treatments that could be recommended by your dentist include applying sealants, selecting a mouth guard, and early diagnosis of potential orthodontic problems.
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