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We would be pleased to be your child's dentist in Winnipeg

Kids Dental offers a full spectrum of dental health care services for children, including:
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Previstat® Advanced Preventive Care
  • Behavioral Management
  • Reconstructive Dentistry
  • Root Canal Treatment/Pulp Therapy
  • Your Child's Safety
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Orthodontic Services
All services are available by appointment only. In Winnipeg, call Kids Dental at 222-KIDS to get more details or to book an appointment.

Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment. We will be happy to contact you and discuss your child's first appointment date.

Diagnostic Services

Parents and children are invited to our dental home where we will first get to know you before any dental services are provided. This might include a tour of our practice, a look at Grinich Village, our interacting learning/waiting area and more. This is a relaxed visit that may include:
  • Taking a detailed medical, dental and family history
  • Conducting a head, neck and oral exam
  • If required, dental x-rays or radiographs
In order to ensure your child’s dental experience remains as positive as possible during their younger years, we recommend local anesthesia for any necessary invasive dental procedures. This approach is best discussed prior to the procedure and in accordance with the dentist’s recommendation as well as the parents’ preference. For some children, this notion of an invasive procedure is just too upsetting. In these instances the dentist and the parent will discuss the option of the dental treatment being provided under general anesthesia in the hospital or private surgical centre.

Previstat® Advanced Preventive Care
  • Bacterial testing
  • Caries risk assessment
  • Preventive innovations
  • Anti-bacterial therapy
  • Effective tooth brushing and flossing instruction;
  • Nutritional information about diet and dental diseases;
  • Dental cleanings (scaling and polishing);
  • Preventive treatment for oral habits;
  • Space maintainers;
  • Fluoride treatments in office and for home;
  • Dental sealants;
  • Custom-made athletic mouth guards for active children.
Behavioral Guidance

Sensitive and affectionate management of a child's fear, anxiety or pain is the foundation of our treatment approach. We use consistent yet adaptable methods of behavior guidance that are scientifically proven.

Reconstructive Dentistry

Although our advanced prevention approach attempts to address cavities before they happen, we can’t prevent all cavities from appearing in your child’s mouth. Our treatment approach for these will be discussed with the parent first and may consider:
    Small cavities in primary or permanent teeth:
  • Tooth-coloured, preventive resin fillings
  • Fluoride releasing white fillings

    Primary teeth that are too decayed to hold a filling:
  • Stainless steel crowns for back teeth
  • Tooth-coloured resin crowns for front and back teeth.
Root Canal Treatment/Therapy

Despite our best efforts, there are occasions when a child’s primary or permanent teeth require treatment of infection inside the tooth or jaw. This is a more complex treatment approach that is designed to help save the natural tooth. This provides long term benefits, allowing the tooth to retain its natural function and appearance.

Your Child's Safety

Patient safety is a concern in any medical environment. We take infection control very seriously in our practice. Our rigorous sterilization and infection control procedures are consistently applied and conform to the stringent recommendations of the Canadian Dental Association. The exposure of children to radiation during the taking of dental x-rays is also a matter of concern for parents and our office staff. We strive to keep x-rays to a minimum number and only recommend those that are required to ensure the best quality of dental care.

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